About Us

Klein Buisfontein Ranch has a commitment to the improvement and diversity of genetics in their breeding herds and strives to achieve this through the use of pure genetics which is the key to breeding excellence.

On Klein Buisfontein Ranch, the Engelbrechts breed, amongst others, a number of high-value game species namely:

Buffalo, Sable, Roan, Black-, Saddleback- and White Flanked impala, Golden- and Red Oryx, Nyala, Golden-, King- and Seretse Wildebeest, Tsessebe, Yellow- and Copper Blesbuck & White-, Black-, Coffee- and Copper Springbuck.

Endangered predators include:

Black- and Brown Leopard, Black- and Brown Jaguar, Cheetah, White lion, White- and Brown Bengal Tigers, Black Footed Cats & Serval. 

Klein Buisfontein Ranch is known for their superior Golden Oryx genetics and is the home of the largest horned, Golden Oryx cow documented in South Africa. They pride themselves on their successful predator breeding projects.

North West,
South Africa

Colin manages the various antelope breeding projects on Klein Buisfontein Ranch. He was a “WRSA Game Rancher of the year” finalist in 2013, a nomination made by his peers and one of which he is very proud. At present, he serves as the WRSA North West Provincial chairman. Colin believes in the four pillars that the South African Game Industry is based on namely, breeding, hunting, ecotourism and game meat production. At present Klein Buisfontein Ranch is primarily a game breeding facility with selective hunting of surplus animals taking place.

Marisa manages the predator breeding projects with great success and central to this is the cheetah breeding project. She believes in the conservation of these predator species which can only be understood through in-depth research and study.  Marisa who is very passionate about her breeding projects is also involved with various institutions. Marisa is the administrator of “Kom ons Praat Wild” which forms a part of Klein Buisfontein Ranch’s Facebook page and which is an interactive platform created solely for the wildlife farmer through which information is given and obtained.

Klein Buisfontein Ranch has a team of well-trained employees, all of whom are trained in specific aspects of the farming operation.  This includes care, feeding, carcass processing and health and safety, all vital elements when working with high-value animals and predators.